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If you wish to contact us directly or to make your order by phone, please call us on + 210 7213175 during office hours: 8.30 – 16.30, Monday – Friday.
Terms of use for webpage

For transactions between
The company: WINE GARAGE LTD.
hereinafter referred to as COMPANY


The client: Hereinafter referred to as CLIENT

The company specializes in the sale of bottled wines and spirits, gourmet products and gift packages. The company sells its products remotely via the internet (website or e-mail), phone, fax or mail. There is the possibility of direct sale from the company’s headquarters as mentioned above. All of the company’s products are available through its web pages. There is no internet printed price list.

Consent of the client
The order confirmation by the client validates the automatic and unconditional acceptance of these general terms of sale. The purchase by e-mail, phone, fax or mail implies acceptance of these terms.

Product details
The company renders every effort to provide clear and accurate information about the main characteristics of the products listed on its web pages. All information and photos come from the manufacturers – producers of the products. The company is not responsible for any incorrect information which comes from the producers and manufacturers.

The persons responsible of the company’s products render every effort in order the photos which appear on the website to correspond to the respective products. In case of difference in the appearance, this difference will not have any impact whatsoever in the main specifications of the product.
The company’s customer service department is available to the clients for any confirmation either by phone or by e-mail.

Promotions and free products
Free products are offered depending on the particular product purchased. These free products are listed in the detailed pages of the said products. The client can not claim any discount or allowance in the event he refuses the free products that the company offers. Free products can not be returned or compensated.

Prices are shown in Euro. The from time to time valid VAT is included but not the shipping cost or any taxes duties or fees that may apply in the place of delivery, for the payment of which the client receiver is solely responsible. The prices of the company’s suppliers are constantly updated. The prices shown in the website are subject to modification at any time.
All prices are available in the company’s website notwithstanding any error or omission.

Placement of order
The client may place his order through the company’s website, through e-mail, telephone, fax or mail. When a client orders online, he fills out the details himself on the respective order form. The client is asked to reread the order form before he activates his order. The company assumes no liability for any incorrect sending of e-mail nor for any error in the shipping of the parcels which is due to the incorrect filling of the order by the client.

Confirmation of the order
The client receives the order confirmation via e-mail on the condition that there is not an error in the e-mail address he provided on the order form.

In the context of payment through credit or debit card or PayPal, the client’s account is charged directly for the value of products and the value of transport costs, where these may exist, at the time of completion of submitting the order. The company reserves the right to refuse any order.

Payment methods
Payment methods are listed on the page Payment Methods.
The company has the right to reject any order from a client with whom there was a payment problem in the past.

Measures against fraud
The information which the client provides when placing an order is subject to investigation which aims to combat fraud during the use of the credit card. The company is recipient of information that is related with the client’s order. Failure in providing such information hinders the carrying out of transactions with the company. Any kind of default in payment because of false or stolen credit card will result to the recording of the customer’s personal data in a special file. Any unauthorized statement or false information is also subject to specific data processing.

The order form which the client fills out through the company’s website is not an invoice / receipt of purchase. Regardless of how the order was placed and the manner of payment, the client receives the invoice/ receipt of purchase of his order with the delivery of the product, inside the parcel. The company keeps in its files a copy of the invoice/receipt of purchase.


Methods and Transport Costs 
For more information regarding the methods of shipping and transport costs you will find in the page Shipping Methods.

Products to be shipped are packed with the greatest caution and observe all relevant regulations. The procedures and technologies that are used are evolving in order to optimize the way of packaging and above all are aimed to the client’s satisfaction.

Strikes and Force Majeure
The company will render every effort to inform the client of the status of his order in case where the transport companies or the post office are on strike or any other force majeure.

The company is relieved of its obligations regarding with the delivery of orders in cases of force majeure.
The company assumes no liability regarding with the misuse of the products by the client.
Websites that are directly or indirectly linked to the company’s website are not under control of the company. Consequently, the company does not accept any responsibility for the information posted on these websites. Links to third party websites are provided solely for the convenience of the customer.

Modification of the general terms of sale
The present terms are modifiable at any time, the client is therefore to consult them as often as possible. Each version of these terms corresponds to a specific date, which is indicated at the end of this. The orders are therefore governed by the general terms that are available on the website and thus in effect the day that the order was placed.
For any legal action in regards to customers who make purchases via the website of the company application and interpretation of this agreement is governed by Greek Law and place of jurisdiction is Athens, Greece.